A note from a patient

Thankfully during the month of January, we get invited to churches to share what God is doing at ABCWC. One particular Sunday, after the service, a couple presented this note to one of our staff. We wanted to share it with you.

a note from a pt blog pic (ask sean before using)
Photo credit Sean Gearhart

“We were approached about speaking at one of your events over a year ago. I declined. That was a mistake and God has reminded us of it almost daily. We were hoping and praying for an opportunity to correct our mistake. We are willing to speak anytime you would give us the privilege to one person or one thousand. We came to ABC with pregnancy suspicions with both of our children. Your clinic helped us so much. We began with no job, no money, no vehicle, no home, addiction problems and worst of all no relationship with Christ. That was four years and eleven months ago. Today, we have two vehicles, two beautiful kids being raised in church, two years until we own our home, a great job working for Christians, and we have Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. We are fee from addiction and slave to the Son. ABC began our journey to here and we thank you. God bless you all.”

Since receiving this note just a few weeks ago, this couple has already shared their story in Eastman at Celebrate Life. We expect many more opportunities will come. If you have a story or know someone who does, we would love to help you share it! We are thankful for the support and prayers of our friends to make it possible to minister to women in our region.


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