Wave Lace by Becky Wood

Early mornings are my favorite time at the beach so I usually sit for an hour or two and watch as darkness gives way to light. Sitting on Okaloosa Island, I was mesmerized by the gently rippling waves that washed in front of me. Occasionally, one lapped at my feet, but most were tumbling softly on the hard packed sand in front of me as the tide receded slowly.

beach wave sand 6

Although a couple of early risers strolled by, I had the beach to myself. I marveled as each wave left it’s slight mark in the sand. Wave after wave, emptying itself on this tiny strip of beach, creating a pattern of “wave lace” until footprints destroyed it. I watched as those footprints were washed away and new wave lace was created. Faithfully this process repeated itself until the sun was brightly shining and it was time for me to seek refuge from her rays.

Still the swiftness of the surf to remove footprints and make new wave lace haunted me and I began to consider what message this wave lace held for me.  Certainly, the message of hope that my “footprints” of selfishness are washed away, but at the very same time, something beautiful is being created. This is my hope and faith, that the Creator of the ocean tides washes over me and makes something beautiful of my life.


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