Sunrise Reflections by Becky Wood

Every sunrise carries a promise, for each new day holds opportunities. beckybeachpic

I love sunrises!  And sunrises at the beach are just the best. Recently I had the privilege of spending some time on the emerald coast, the stretch of emerald green waters running from Panama City Beach to Pensacola, Florida. These gulf coast beaches are unlike most beaches I have visited, with calm, clear water rippling, rather than roaring, to the shore. Unless there is a storm, then these placid waters become a surfer’s haven.

Each morning I walked to the beach in the predawn darkness so I would not miss a moment of the sunrise because each one is unique. Some are spectacular, like my second morning when the sky was red for ten minutes before softening to orange and pink then mellowing to yellow as the sun actually peeked over the horizon.  Sitting at the tideline, I watched as the water took on the colors of the sky: red at the horizon where the sun was going to come up and blending to grey at the far horizon. Almost imperceptibly the colors changed to orange to pink to lilac to blue. And with the changes in the sky, the sea was changing colors in response.

Just like the ocean reflects the sky, those around me are reflecting my attitudes and words. Am I encouraging them with words or is my gruff tone making them recoil?  Words are important but even more important are the attitudes of our hearts.  What is your life reflecting today?


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