Made In His Image

christian and will sohl walkWhat does the “sanctity of human life” mean? We hear this term used in pro-life circles frequently, but do we as Christians really understand the meaning behind  the words? The dictionary defines sanctity as a sacred thing. Sacred mean devoted or dedicated to some religious deity; consecrated. So where do we get   this idea? Genesis 1:26 says “and God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” then Genesis 1:27 “so God created man in his own image, in the  image of God created he him; male and female created he them”. Humans were  created in the very image of God himself. For this reason human life is sacred.  So what have we as humans done with this knowledge? From the very beginning of sin entering the world we can see the reverence for human life on the part of other humans not being a factor in the choices they made. The first example   was Cain and Abel. Genesis 4:8 tells how Cain killed his own brother and the reason was………….jealousy. Some of the most horrific examples were when people would sacrifice their children to the pagan god Molech. This is found in the book of Leviticus 20. They had the statue of the pagan god and would heat the fires under the outstretched arms and when the arms were red hot they would place  the child in the statues arms. They would beat their drums loud enough to drown out the screams of the child. We think “how could anyone do such a thing to their own children”? It is happening every minute of every day all around the world. Maybe not in this particular barbaric way, but if you know about the different abortion procedures then you know it is just as horrific. 21% of all unintended pregnancies end in abortion in the US. 1 in 4 of these women claim  some kind of evangelical beliefs. How sobering of a thought should that be? Women who have been in church should have at some point heard how sacred  human life is but still choose to terminate any ways. In 1973 the Supreme Court made the decision that it was legal for a woman to end her pregnancy. I’m sure their thinking was that women would only elect to do so in dire circumstances. Since that decision 57 plus million lives have been lost to abortion. And while many of these women may want to believe their reasons were justified….it all boils down to one which is the same reason it has been from the beginning in the Garden of Eden……selfishness. In saying that, I am not judging anyone because we are all guilty. As it pertains to the subject of abortion where was the outcry from the Christian community in 1973? Selfishness kept their mouths shut for fear of condemnation. As the women’s rights movement was bursting forth and women were finding their voice, their unborn children were finding an  early death, as was biblical marriage. The decline of biblical morals and standards, or any for that matter, took a nose dive. So here we find ourselves in 2015 living in a culture saturated with the most depraved thinking. Some want to argue that there are a few justifications to terminate a pregnancy such as a rape victim. 1% of women who are raped conceive. I heard the testimony of a woman who was conceived out of rape and her mother chose to place her for adoption. She made the statement “did I deserve to die for the sins of my father”? If we believe what we as Christians say we believe, which is the whole bible from beginning to end, then there is no justification in any circumstance. We have to change our thinking. Instead of letting the world dictate what our opinions should be, we must let the word of God be our standard.

While we are seeing some victories in this fight like the many abortion clinics closing and the number of abortions being performed decreasing as well as the legislation to not perform abortions past 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is still much work to be done. In 2013 there were 87 abortions reported from women living in Laurens County. 87 lives that God created for a purpose and in his image that never got a chance to fulfill their purpose on this earth. Last year ABC saw 171 women choose to carry their pregnancies to term and 11 women claim a profession in Jesus Christ as Savior. And we praise the Lord for everyone! But we also saw 13 women that we know of choose to terminate their pregnancies. It is a spiritual battle for the souls of humankind that we are engaged in. Satan has been busy from the beginning trying to destroy man, why? Because we are  made in the image of God!

So then how does all of this affect you, the average church goer? Every person reading this knows someone that has been affected by abortion. You may not know that you know them because women don’t openly talk about having an abortion. If you encounter someone that is considering abortion, please send them to us. If you are not familiar with our services, every woman receives a pregnancy test, if positive, an ultrasound to confirm viability, as well as lots of information about all of her options. We share the gospel with every woman because we understand Jesus is the only hope any of us have. I know that not  everyone will feel led to become involved with the clinic, but I do believe that we are all called to pray. So I want to give you some specific things that I am asking you to intentionally pray about. First, pray for a change of heart in the    church. People allow their own prejudices to dictate their opinions about this    subject all too often. We as the church body need to change our thinking. When our thinking changes so will our speech. We have to love others, not judge them. We have to understand and behave like we know all human life is sacred. And  that’s at all stages not just conception. No one is useless at any age, God has a purpose for everyone. Second, pray for ABC to see more abortion minded women. We are seeing an increase in abortion minded women calling but are having a  difficult time getting them to schedule an appointment. We know it is the enemy and need more people of God praying for these women. Third, pray for the staff at ABC. It is a spiritual battle that we are engaging in every day. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is not happy that we are telling women the truth and he sends attacks through many avenues. And lastly, pray for God to continue to financially provide so that we can keep sharing the truth. Together we are impacting the culture for life!

Christina Colter


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