Choices by Becky Wood May 27, 2015

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” From his book TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH, John Maxwell succinctly states what great minds have spoken through the ages.

Every day we make a hundred small decisions, or choices. Will I hit the snooze button or get up and spend some quiet time?  What will I wear? Will these shoes be comfortable for all I have to do today or should I take another pair?  Will I grab a bite at home or stop en route to work?

Usually these choices are quite innocuous. But consider how those choices in the first few hours can affect the rest of the day.

Scenario 1:  It is 5 AM and I reach to hit the snooze, but instead, I hit the off button.  I wake again at 6:45 in a panic because the kids have to be on the bus at 7:30 and they are still asleep! Grabbing a robe, yelling for the kids to wake up, I rush to get cereal so they do not start school with no breakfast at all.  Responding to my yelling, they are snappy with each other, making me even more uptight.  While they are eating, I rush to get a quick shower and dress, leaving makeup and hair for the ride. We miss the bus, so I take them to school, but get to work late.  The big boss is in town and my arrival coincides with his, which, from the look on my supervisor’s face, is not good.  The day goes downhill from here.

Scenario 2:  The alarm goes off @ 5AM and I sluggishly get out of bed and head to the bathroom, where I brush my teeth and wash my face to wake up somewhat.  I trudge down the hall to a small room with just a chair, a lamp and a Bible.  Closing the door before I turn on the lamp, so I will not wake anyone else, I sit on the edge of the chair, afraid I will fall asleep.  As I read the words, I ask for help to understand what they mean and how they apply to me today.  Gradually I relax into the chair and am conversing with One Who knows me by name. I feel energized and excited about the day as I make my way down the hall. It is 6 AM so this time, I turn on lights and open doors as I head toward the shower.  By 6:25, the kids are rousing up as I make breakfast.  Drawn to the smell of bacon and pancakes, they file in to eat.  After breakfast, they prepare for school while I make lunches for all.  I stick an extra pair of shoes in my bag because I will be walking to several meetings in nearby buildings.  When the bus arrives at 7:30, everyone is on time and in good spirits. This is going to be a good day!

Contrast the results of two choices that seem insignificant.  Multiply that by hundreds we make every day and play out the scenarios.  Are your choices leading you toward a dream or nightmare?

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