Will You Stand in the Gap? By Becky Wood August 4, 2015

So what does it say about a people who voice outrage by the killing of a lion, but keep silent about the selling
 of body parts? Abortion is this generation's holocaust, and the largest provider of abortions has been selling the 
body parts of these innocents to increase revenues and buy "a Lamborghini". 
Anyone who can keep silent after hearing from the mouths of senior Planned Parenthood doctors and executives 
that these "specimens" sometimes require different placement of forceps to avoid damaging the desired parts, must
 be either totally carnal minded or incapable of thought at all. For over four decades, Planned Parenthood has posed
 as a friend to women and a help to mankind. As the truth is uncovered, news media keep silent and now even 
government has stayed the display of additional videos. And the head of Planned Parenthood seeks to draw the 
focus away from their crimes and vilify the investigative reporter, blatantly accusing him of being linked to the 
bombing of abortion clinics and the killing of doctors.
If I were accused of a torturing puppies and selling their parts, the community would be outraged and demand justice. 
I would be jailed and probably held without bail until an investigation could be done. For certain, I would not 
receive government help to continue the practice. 
Dublin and Laurens County attract families to our area because we are a community of citizens sharing the common, 
traditional values which made this country great. Let us stand for what is virtuous and good. Let us hold our 
representatives accountable and let us demand an investigation into the abominable practices of Planned 
Parenthood and insist on withholding federal and state funds until that investigation is complete. 
At ABC, we see women caught in the culture of death who want to have their babies but feel the only good choice 
is abortion. How did we get to this place? This is what happens when a culture blessed of God turns their back on 
Him and rejects His ways. His word is clear: 
fall-in-to-the-gapTime is running out. God cannot withhold judgement for
 the shedding of innocent blood. Child sacrifice was always the downfall of nations. It will be the downfall of this 
one if we do not repent! Please join me to stand for righteousness, for righteousness exalts a nation. 

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