Virtue for Victory by Becky Wood July 22,2015

Without vision, people perish. Have we as Americans become so busy with our individual lives, pursuing our own dreams, and or working day and night just to make ends meet, that we have forgotten our vision?

As citizens of this nation, we seem to have forgotten that freedom is not free. It was not free during the 18th century American Revolution when men of all religions (and none) stood against the tyranny of English rule. It was not free when brother fought brother in the late 19th century turbulence referred to as the Civil War. The cost was blood and every family was touched by it. But freedom for this nation was won, and then reclaimed in truth that all men are created equal.

Taking nothing from the tragedy of the 20th and 21st century wars, conflicts, and deployments, we as Americans have not seen the high cost of freedom, and we view war almost as surreal as video games or Hollywood movies. Consequently, we do not value freedom and no longer consider what a sacred trust we have been privileged to carry forth.

Though our founding fathers were flawed humans, they understood that to establish a nation of free citizens, there must be more than a Constitution, no matter how well written it may be.  Common values must be shared by the citizenry so that each man (and woman) would “govern” themselves accordingly, making the government truly able to set law and policy for the good of the union which would also be based on those common values and therefore be good for  citizens too. These men studied history and understood that those who do not know history are destined to repeat it. (E. Burke,1700s)

Today’s America speaks volumes to the selfishness and softness of man without virtue. Who would imagine that a great nation would slaughter a quarter of its’ population and call it “choice” or that abomination would now be called “marriage”?  We can be sure that God is not mocked.  We shall all reap as we have sown. O God, in judgement remember mercy!

The vision set forth in the Constitution for the republic called the United States of America, was that everyone was endued with certain basic rights protected by the government, which was protected by the balance of power as elected representatives were held accountable to the citizens. Today’s oligarchy is the result of a citizenry too caught up in itself to insure they are well represented.  Elections today are based on charisma or money, with most individuals knowing or caring to know less about the candidates and issues than about movie, television, music, or athletic stars.

In the age when we have a wealth of information  about candidates, issues, and events at the touch of a button, most people are content to get their information from Facebook, talking heads, and various forms of news. All that is written and aired is not accurate.  We owe it to our children and grandchildren to study history, research issues, and stand for what is right and good.  The future of freedom rests with those God has sovereignly placed here for such a time as this.  Let history record us faithful to uphold virtue and if we fail, it will not be because we surrendered to the culture, but because we poured out our lives to rescue it.


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